At the beginning Drivenet was created by science to solve some of the worlds complicated challenges around oil, cars, traffic, air pollution, traffic congestion and pressing issues associated with driving causalities.

Global investors flocked into a new era of big business and started drastically making policy changes while alluring and scamming the people of the world. They sold the concept of Drivenet as the future of sustainable companies but, as the world learned, it was all for control in the end.

There was too much road carnage: nations fighting over oil convinced nations to adapt their pod system Drivenet.

The electric car industry wanted to revolutionize and breathe life into the collapsed car industry.

Drivenet was born!

Drivenet became a solving the problem corporation... their outlook on racing was that you don't have digital control over your car.

Let Drivenet control it for you, allowing you to be focused on the digital world. The demanding world needs you to work, be safe and sustainable.

The hidden message of Drivenet that the people did not know was that it stole your drive out of you.

People became compartmentamentailized into pods to avoid and not to passively protest the digital revolution: you no longer have to chose your driving paths to and from work or in your private life.

You are set on your drive path: no wrecks, no distractions. People loved the freedom of text messaging and social engagement while being connected to Drivenet while they become a pod in the drivernet seat.

People gave up their freedom to become a living data package in Drivenet - a real net in exchange for the safe world under the control of Drivenet.

In Drivenet racing and competition were no longer politically correct but remained outside the law. The major side effect was that all the car factories were shut down and were forced out of business.

There was no more oil to run the cars: the car industry was dead.


All racing Culture was lost.

Rebels quickly revamped and started recycling auto parts for a new sustainable era of racing.

We call this era “The age of Racing”.

It was a natural cult movement to revive the core values of racing, and the joy of glory.

Racers discovered old worlds outside of the citiescapes away from the surveillance of Drivenet - Racing became possible again avoiding the scanning satellites that controlled Drivenet.


What Drivenet did not know was that passion for glory, competition, speed, and winning would come back to life in form of racing once again.

This is the beginning for “The Age of Racing”.

The Racing Authority brings your racing experience back, putting you in the driver seat once again!

Never loose your drive. Always strive for Victory and win.

Racing is not Dead!

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