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My antivirus tells me that the installer of Victory is malicious and unsafe.  Am I exposing my computer to a virus?

Fear not! The installer of Victory is completely safe.  Some antivirus might identify the installer as potentially dangerous but it is only a false positive, most likely because the game is still young and it will take some time to be correctly recognized by every security software.

That said you can safely install Victory on your computer. If you have problem with Norton Antivirus, please have a look here:


When I try to make a new fresh installation of Victory, I got an error message saying I already have a copy installed, even though I previously uninstalled it.

This is a known issue with the installer that we hope will be definitely fixed in the next versions of the game. Meanwhile you can do the following:

  • Download Ccleaner from here and install it

  • Check in the Applications sections (like the Add/Remove section in the Windows Control Panel) if Victory is still reported as installed

  • Go to the Registry section and do a Registry Clean (to be sure run it again after the first one)

  • Now you should be able to install Victory

This applies also for people who never installed Victory before but they are still getting this message.


Victory is automatically installing the new patch but it never reaches the end and it shows a Runtime error.

Your installation is corrupted. To solve the issue you need to uninstall the game, clean the registry using CCleaner (see question above) and download the latest installer from here


Whenever I attempt to join a race created by any of my friend I get an error saying “Cannot reach the server”.

There could be several reason to this problem. First of all make sure your firewall is not blocking Victory. If you are connected to a router, try to open port 5566 and tell your friend who is hosting the race to do the same.

The last option is to directly contact your internet provider. This proved to be effective in some cases.


Is it possible to install Victory on other operating system such as Mac OS or Linux?

At the moment Victory is only available for Windows. A Mac version of the game is expected to be released during 2013. There are still no plan for a Linux version.

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