In-Game Etiquette

The integrity of the gaming environment is one of Vae Victis' utmost concerns. We strive to keep a fun, friendly, competitive, and fair environment for all of our users. To accomplish this we have created the following policies and code of conduct to ensure our goal is achieved.

  • Players should not engage in activities within the game that take advantage of possible limitations of the Victory game systems. Exploitation of bugs and/or abuse of game mechanics are strictly regulated.
  • Un-authorized third-party applications are considered any file or program that is not intended for use in conjunction with Victory.
  • Applications that alter or manipulate game-play to give a player an unintended or unfair advantage will not be tolerated. Moreover, these programs may be of a dubious nature and contain malicious software (such as key loggers, etc.) that may be used to gain unwanted access account.
  • Players may not use the service for any means other than that which is intended by the game designer or designated by Vae Victis.

Penalty System

As players violate the guidelines laid out in our behavioral policies they may be subject to account penalties. Penalties can range from warnings to temporary suspensions to outright closure of an account.

Naming Policy

Examples of unacceptable names include names which:

  • Reference any race, ethnicity, or nationality in a negative fashion.
  • Reference someone?s sexual orientation in a negative fashion.
  • Use language that is generally accepted as obscene or vulgar in nature.
  • Reference any major religions or religious figures in a negative fashion.
  • Make reference to illegal substances.
  • Falsely imply association with Vae Victis or its employees.
  • Or any other name that may violate the spirit of Victory.

Players found using names that violate our policies may be subject to actions taken on their account.

Behavioral Policy

The Victory harassment policy has been created in order to cultivate a positive, fun and friendly environment. Thus, any language which falls under the following categories, either explicit or masked, may result in the appropriate action being taken against the offending account.

Note: The in-game chat filter is provided as an initial layer of protection against restricted words and phrases. Language not blocked by the chat filter is not guaranteed to be appropriate. Attempting to circumnavigate the chat filter with masked versions of language that may be considered inappropriate are subject to the same penalties.

  • Race, Ethnicity, Nationality
  • Any language which fosters discrimination in relation to race, ethnicity, or nationality; Implies racial, ethnic, or national hatred; or alludes to figures or symbols that are commonly used to promote racial, ethnic, or national hatred will not be tolerated.
  • Attempting to gather account information
  • Any attempts to ask for/request another user's account names(s) and password(s), either blatant or covert, will not be tolerated and may be penalized.
  • Real life involvement
  • Real life involvement includes:
  • Releasing or distribution of real-world information about other players or Vae Victis employees
  • Making threats outside the game environment
  • Refers to any aspect of sexual orientation in a derogatory manner
  • Making negative remarks about any major religion or religious figure
  • Inappropriate/Vulgar Language
  • The use of any obscene or inappropriate language which:
  • Refers to extremely violent and or sexual acts that are outside of the context of the game
  • Circumvents the chat filter through any means
  • Violates the spirit of Victory
  • Spamming
  • Spamming is defined as excessively messaging the same text, similar text or gibberish with the intent to disrupt another player or group of player's game experience.
  • Advertising
  • Promoting or announcing any website, organization, or business that is not directly related to Victory.
  • Exploitation
  • Refers to abusing game mechanics, data stream manipulation, and data mining; Or the use of any un-approved third party programs and malicious user interface modifications.

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