Oct, 18
Victory SP12/Beta 4: Racing Team Careers, New Interface, New Class Physics and more!

Gentlemen, start your engines! Victory Beta 4 is finally here.

Our twelfth major service pack for victory, aka Victory SP 12, it's our biggest and most anticipated content and feature service pack.

During the Beta stage of Victory we decided, six months ago, to take all the feedbacks from our beloved community and complete the development of our humble game with a final step that we now call "Beta 4".

For us this has been the most difficult and intense development cycle since we started Vae Victis six years ago.

We took all the feedbacks, the suggestions and new ideas we gathered during the first three Beta stages of Victory, we placed them on a big whiteboard and we started thinking on what to change or introduce in Victory, without any boundaries.

We designed a new interface. We studied new ways to optimize the game, we changed the basics of our economy, we introduced new experiences, new kind of events, new possibilities for the players, we scripted a game tutorial.


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