Jan, 23
Victory Dev Leaks 15: Brand new graphic quality
We are currently updating the textures, 3D models and shaders of all the car blocks, accessories and race tracks in the game. The results are amazing and will hugely improve the graphic quality of the game.
What you see in this video is not a high-poly 3D model like the ones usually used for loading/garage screens, it's the actual car model you will use on the tracks in Victory. 
We're trying to find the perfect spot between realism and performance and the new shader models now bring both to the game: stickers and colorable shapes are better rendered, materials are more realistic and a better depth of field is a joy for the eyes.
The updated engine not only will bring better graphics, but it's also way better in terms of performance: we'll support more cars on the track during a race and the game runs smoother and faster.
This big update takes a very long time to be completed, but fortunately we started it months ago: we're now at 80% so expect it to be available soon.

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