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Xbox360 controller triggers, halp?

They're on same axis. (why on earth?)

Is there a way to separate them so that I could properly use them as break and throttle? Combined axis swich is greyed out in the options.

Any tricks, hacks or anything?

Use the Calibrate option and use the triggers when you're asked to calibrate throttle and breaks.

Yes. that's exactly what I do, and how I use them. :)

But they're on same axis, so if I press full throttle, and carefully start increasing brake, brake trigger won't actually brake, but decrease throttle. If I press both triggers to bottom it is same as if I they're both released. +/-0

So let me ask again: How can I split the axis? Or set the triggers on separate axis, so I can keep full throttle and still brake at the same time?


I see what you mean. Well I don't know if you can change that. Let's wait for some devs to answer on that. But I'm interested to understand why would you want to brake while being full throttle, is there any advantage in doing that? And what about the wheel? How can you control it if you are using both hands for something else? I'm just curious :D

Well, in real life drivers use left foot to brake while keeping it floored with the other. Idea is to get everything out of the engine when slightly slowing down to avoid collision, or to make it through the bend.(Racing with FWD cars the left foot braking is even more essential.)

I've tried this whith my wheel and it seems to work. Car is more stable like that. Or at least it feels like it. (Pedals have different axis each.)

I use left stick to steer, XYAB-buttons to gears and other stuff, right trigger to accelerate and left trigger to break. That is my favourite setup, common in many racing games.


Agree, the car feels more stable with using brake and accellerator at the same time (using the wheel pedals).  Also see that mclaren brake thing in 1997.

As to the original problem, lots of people on other forums saying that xpadder can get this sorted.  The triggers should be axes 9 and 10.  You may need to wait for the wheel patch to be able to map them properly in victory.

Yeah. I tried xpadder (or something similar) but all it did was a total mess. I couldn calibrate or map anything properly with Victory.

I think there must be an easy "xboxy" way around this, since many other racing games seem to get it work without external hacks. :)

But oh yeah. Waiting for that wheel support now that I have that awesome fleamarket <20€ DFGT. x)

Have used a keyboard since level 1. Recently purchased an Xbox 360 to hopefully improve my times. Have found the Xbox steering to be too sensitive but when I reduce the steering sensibility it also reduces the turning radius. Any suggestions to fix this or do I just have to get used to the sensitivity? Also what changes occure if I adjust the throttle, brake or steering dead zone settings? What are they for? I'm driving like I'm back to level 1 with this controller. 

Hi Joe. Are you using the analog stick as steering? I can tell you my configuration and see if it pleases your driving style. I have 54 on sensibility and around 30 on speed sensibility. I wouldn't touch the latter, but if you think this setting is too sensitive for your tastes, try to play with the Sensibility setting alone. I never touched the other settings regarding dead zones so I can't really help on that.

But more importantly you need practice. When I first switched to joypad it took me some time before being as much competitive as I was with the keyboard.


My controller arrived with few instructions and none that identified what each button was for. I sort of used trial and error to figure that out. I use the stick behind the left trigger (brake) to steer. It's the only one that works for steering. Seems like it might be better for me to steer with the stick behind the right trigger (throttle) as I'm used to using my right hand on the keyboard.

Does the sensibility change the turning radius? It seems the less sensitivty the bigger the radius.

I'll try the settings you suggested and adjust if necessary.

Thanks so much for taking the time to help. The MOD Squad has always been helpful.

usk esrb_rp

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