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World Records..

Hello! i've gotten about 3 World Records now in the Rookie Class and i was curious why i haven't recieved my achievements for it. Its been driving me crazy, my friends don't believe me that i have WR haha. Thank you!

It's a problem that still has to be fixed: when you exit the game, you lose the progression for the achievements. So, it's likely that you have the first WR achievement but not the other. Also, remember that WRs have to be set under a certain threshold set by Vae Victis (it's "secret") to be counted for the progression.

Confirming all what M3Honsho said: he is so fast on asnwering! :)

We are focusing mostly to remove the jitter and improve the netcode at moment, but we will remove all the bugs you are reporting as well, as fast as possible.

Anyway, if you did new WRs they should show your name in the tracks where you got them, so your friends can believe you! :p

You just don't get the achievements for them.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

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