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What's wrong?? Bad protection??


Yesterday I registered my son, what was my surprise that the site tells me that his mail was already in use when he never registered. I had to register with another email. The question is this, your servers are safe? It is the first time that happens to me.

Very bad....

Will I explained badly or worse you understand?

I only learned of the existence of this game on Wednesday, and registered my son yesterday. Where is he was already registered?
Did not know what I'm saying, or think me stupid?

Well, if someone used your email to register an account for sure it's not the game server's fault, but it's someone who as access to your mail and can use it. I can use a friend's mail to register too, but HE would have to accept, not me - and there is account confirmation. So please double check your mail and password, first of all.

One other thing that I can think of is that maybe the registration process went good but actually bugged out and sent two requests (so you saw "already registered" on the second attempt, but still it registered your username and password), did you try to login with the requested ID/pass? If it doesn't work, you should write directly to support to find the problem.

Hello Vasconcelos,

I checked the databases and could not see any successfull tries, but the one you registered with.

I could check it extensively: if you want me to do it, send me the e-mail adress you are referring to, in a private message. 

Alessandra Pollini - QA

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