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Unnesseccary lag

Dear Lady/Sir,


Kindly I ask your attention.


First, many thanks for the free game.


But, when I'm online, it lags a lot. I use WIFI internetconnection and it's not the best.


I can watch HDReady and sometimes HD movie online. I can play games that does transfers more information over the net than this game, the games have no lags.


The lagging accuurs when the notifications are given and when someone is online or not and that kind of stuf.


Could you be so kind to have options for notifications like about the race/how is online or not and when everybody how enter the game and join the race.


All the information is pressent, no need for additional information.


Players will be shown ad the start places, no need for entering and joining the race information.


If I want to know how is online, I can check the online list.


If I want to chat, I can do that, but I like it to be set on or off.


I don't need information about the status about the race, I know and/or will find out, I don't need information about the laptime, I can follow it and see it on the screen, this goes for all racers information I get I don't need.


Could you be so kind and create an update for it please?


Hopefully I let you known enough, I'll be waiting for your reply and/or update.


I know, it's free. And still demanding?

Well, I like it and I hope you will see it as an improvement to the game! :D


Best Regards,






Hi VictoryTar

this is a well known issue to the community and it happens to all of the racers as u can check  here > http://victorythegame.com/forum/beta-testing/lag-when-popups-appear


lets just wait while the dev team are working on it :)



usk esrb_rp

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