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Uninstaller problem/can't reinstall

Attempted to log in with the new loader not long ago and found the loader was crashing as soon as it downloaded 100%. The loader had a comment suggesting I reinstall if I was having a problem so I decided to do so.

I downloaded the latest version of the game and was prompted to uninstall the current version first. I went into 'uninstall or change program' and went down to Victory and choice to install it. Nothing came up to say it was uninstalling but the icon removed itself from the list.

I tried the installer again and I was told the game was still installed and I had to remove it, so I checked the start menu folder and found an uninstall button, but that couldn't find the uninstalling file.

To that end, I manually deleted the game from my Program Files, but I was still being told the game was installed. Even removing the game from the registry wouldn't convince the installer the game wasn't on my system anymore and I'm a bit lost as to what to do now.


Managed to solve the problem using a program called CCleaner to clean out my Registry, but worth having a look at your uninstaller.

Thank you WildFire, we are investigating on it; looks like that the game removes the uninstall if you remove the previous version  and won't do it, if you patch it manually. But more tests should be done, ty.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

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