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Total Freeze

Sometimes my PC totally freezes. That happens (sometimes) between the summary-screen-thingy after the race and the loading time for the next race. Not sure if it´s a local problem, but it happend once yesterday and twice or 3 times today and I did absolutely change nothing here.

Wasn´t able to do anything like send some kind of crash report ... I couldn´t even move my mouse anymore.:(

I have the same problem.
After the race ...... -3-2-1-0 ... freeze
Before the next loading screen

Unfortunately, every 2-3 races  :(

Hi Sardes,

if it's so systematic, once logged out, save the client.log / numen.log / gui.log and send them to the Support, please. Is much much easier for us to check systematic bugs from those logs, rather than find your crash reports.


Alessandra Pollini - QA

I got the same problem, and I apparently solved it by switching from the experience tab back to the positions tab when possible.


However, I'll follow Alexa's advice if the problem occurs again.

i have the same problem, however it only happens when i am on certain server...


Same problem, sometimes i need to restart my pc. 

usk esrb_rp

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