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Tainted setup integrity

I was looking aroun on the patch 10 threads and most were saying to use a fresh install with a clean registry.  I uninstalled the previous victory build, downloaded the latest downloader, and launched the setup executable.  But no matter how many registry clean-ups or new copies of the installer, I still keep on getting the "NSIS Error" dialog box stating that "Installer integrity check failed."


Is anyone experiencing this same problem?

A fresh install is an option I'd suggest only when the update to the latest patch doesn't work for some reasons.

The NSIS Error is probably due to your Windows Installer that got corrupted. Please try to download the latest version and install it again http://support.microsoft.com/kb/942288. There is no installer online for Windows 7. Things get a bit more complecated here (http://goo.gl/v1lm2).

That should solve the issue.

I have vista and I tried installing from those links and each one of the downloads said that the update wasn't for my system.

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