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Steering Wheel

I have three questions...

1.Where can i set linearity of steering ? (This is most important)
2.Is possible to use separated pedal instead of combined pedals ?
3.Can i setup the "H-Shifter" ?
Thanks for help.

1. There's no real way to get this to work at the moment.  You can play with your wheel's control software and the sensibility/sensitivity settings in victory to see if you can get something that feels ok for you.

2. There's settings for it but it might not work as you expect at the moment.  On the G27, the separate pedal axes go from -max to +max where victory expects zero to +max so you get a lot of travel before anything happens. 

3. All the gears are sequential shift so unless VV implement it with the wheel support, it probably won't be usable.

Also victory only supports 1 controller at the moment.  So if your pedals are a separate controller to your wheel, it isn't going to work.

Ok. Thanks for tips.

See you again.

We will add full steering wheels support for sure.

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

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