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Steelseries Simraceway Wheel

The Steelseries SRW -S1 wheel is not working with this game. The controller is not recognized.

Any chance of this being fixed anytime soon?

Wheels are not officially supported, you can try to use it as a gamepad (try to set in the options).

It's an pure arcade racer. Why do you want to use the steering wheel? It feels totally different than the games (race-sims) you normally play with steering wheel.


I think they have no special support for wheels. It's even if you have an gamepad or steering wheel, both have axis and buttons, and these you can use. Before you can define the keys/axis, you must calibrate it.


Though I´m a sim-freak and GTR-veteran, I have to agree. The game is made to be played with keyboard/gamepad and would feel and behave very strage with a wheel. It works fine with keys and I don´t feel the urge to suggest a wheel-support.

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You must know that the Steelseries SRW1 is a wheel without wheelstand. It is held like a gamepad and steers via mothion sensors like a wii controller. It's a hybrid between wheel and gamepad and works wonderful for arcadegames.

It really would be great fun with victory if it would be supported but it wont work as gamepad in the current version.

Quite some time has passed. Any way to get the SRW 1 working by now?

I think it would be a great device to play this game.

Bump! I love this controller and it would be great to see it supported in Victory.

I use Xbox 360 wired Gamepads I must say it's better than anything else for this game but it fail on most other pc game because of the trigger acting as an analog stick instead of 2 independent button. if you guys are waiting for the support of these pad/steering to play this game you better be patient because it's not a priority.

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Once again asking here. I am curious why they only support selected pads. Couldn't they just allow the analoge axis of any directX device? The SRW can work just as a gamepad.

It would be a great device for such an arcady title.

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