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[SOLVED] Problem with start game

i have 0.09.926 version and when i turn on game i have 




I waited half an hour but nothing happens...

Try run it as administrator. If that doesn't work, try reinstall the game.

i tried run it as administrator and also tried reinstall...

OK. I reinstall again and the game start. thank you

mine look exactly like that picture! but i reinstalled. ill try again

same thing i reinstalled 6 times it doesnt work

kulker check if u have data file for victory

i have the same problem :(

Did you tried following the steps suggested before? (unistalling / installing)

I have the same problem here and a 35,5 Mb Victory folder with no Data folder inside after having updated it... and reinstalled two times. The setup file is 21.510 KB.

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First of all welcome back PieroPeluche! :)

Well, let me understand it better, you are saying that there is not a Data folder inside the Victory folder (where the Victory.exe is) after the update? Try to install the game on the desktop or in the Documents folder.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

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