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[Solved] Impossible to play

I already sent an email to support but no answer at the moment. come in two days since the update that you have taken and will not let me play.

Happens to me in all forms, I have uninstalled and do install everything again. I've created a small GIF where I show you what I think, it briefly but it will be more precise so that they understand my problem.

I am Premium in this game and the days pass.




Hello EdgardMK, 

answered to your ticket: sorry for the delay.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

It is ok. Thank you

EdgarMK - World RMS

im having the same problem in the picture from the last person.but im not a premium player im the 1 when you first sign up and download the game

blake smith


Happens to me in all forms, I have uninstalled and do install everything again. I've created a small GIF where I show you what I think, it briefly but it will be more precise so that they understand my problem.



blake smith



Just wait until they make a patch and returns everything to normal.


At the moment only story the days without playing. x_x





EdgarMK - World RMS

I have updated the game to version VictorySetup_0.09.936 and follows me the same thing, happening but now (tonight) entered but reports me an error and gives me two dump and xml file to which the uploaded it to the drive so that it can download and check if it helps with a bit of information.



Already a week without being able to play.

EdgarMK - World RMS

I leave some pictures as I see the game, I have a week while my car is red here I get bright colors to encourage me. hahaha



EdgarMK - World RMS

Do you have the possibility to try it on another computer?

No, I only have one.
But the game only has never given me problems has been after this update in which I not I've been able to play more and I get as they are the images above. =(

EdgarMK - World RMS

CapitanSborrow had your same problem, but he was helping us testing the new physic when it happened: he was updating files manually, having an 'opened' version of the game and he was just missing one file and got solved when he updated them all. 

But you have the 'closed' version of the game, so don't get really how could happen to you, if you just downloaded the game and didn't move/change any files.

P.S. The numen.log and client.log you sent are empty, at least I can't see anything in there.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

I'm back to download the game I install in another directory even eliminating earlier but continued as well. There again sent two files, opened it with another program (Geany) and see a great list. I hope to serve you and we are on the lookout.

EdgarMK - World RMS

When will get a new patch for the game?. I have two weeks without being able to play.

EdgarMK - World RMS

Hello EdgardMK,

I know you still are not able to play. :(

Devs are on holidays this week, monday will update you.

Sorry again.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

Beta4 will be ready in 2-3 weeks.

Still pushing the devs to investigate deeply on your issue... :(

Alessandra Pollini - QA

Have you tried making a new account and see if this bug occurs also in that case? I'm not saying you have to start your driving career from scratch , but it's just a test that could help narrowing the problem.

Yup, he tried that already and still same issue. :(

Alessandra Pollini - QA

So it's definitely related to the hardware/software package, which doesn't help much if I say it like that :p

yea i tried that to and it still happening.havent been able to play for a while.its still doing the same thing

blake smith



Yesterday i downloaded the game from the website, and i got this very strange problem, yeah, this one that these two guys are experiencing *now we are three! :D* (ironically, i played alot of racing games and never got bugs in them, especially with the .exe files, folders, missing files, etc; Alot of games always runned fine -as everyone else's-.).

In fact, my car cranks as if something is there... i would get a wrench and check it... specially with that Brahan engine...

And yes, this game runs fine on my pc, no lags at all, and i'm using ATI Radeon HD 5000 (An old graphic card but good, played alot of games with it with no problems, don't care about the graphics! -except the mirrors... duh-.)

I mean, really, this game is optimised for Nvidia drivers or something?

Quite feels like the developers subtly intended to generate problems with ATI cards... its clever :)

So we wait for new patch then? 'cos i will cook roosted chicken then.




I got an ATI and I must say my game is very stable but note that the windows update doesn't necessary provide the last "up to date" driver so I recommend you to go on ATI website and look for the last driver version availlable for your ATI and compare the driver version to your current.

Also beta driver are not a like for a game in developpement so you should pick stable release.

hope it help, btw mine is an ATI 6950 Radeon HD 2GB (Desktop PC)

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Hey Krieger776,

Nvidia gives us millions for that! ...we wish..:p

Jokes apart, this annoying issue happens cause the physical thread is unable to comunicate with the main thread (graphic one) and, from the last patch, we manage the physical flow through messages to make it safer, so there is something that is blocking the flow of Windows messages.

Atm this didn't get fixed on the Beta4, but EdgardMK is kindly helping us, testing it, so will update you really soon.


*fixed typo spelling of "graphics" - jamjam195

Alessandra Pollini - QA

i can't play, i have 1 month  impossible to play. 

(a little humor)

I have formatted the laptop (ASPIRE ONE) and only installed the game and it remains the same. Everything happened with the latest update I've ever had. He previously played well and earned them well...

When I can I'll buy a laptop to play (I like more the laptop to the desktop computer) that cost only 1800 €

But at the moment we can arrange this small drawback



EdgarMK - World RMS

1800€ for a laptop o0 it's Alienware??? desktop pc cost less than 1800€ even an overkill hardware except if it's an alienware trash you pay for the brand name not for the hardware itself.

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It is of course. With that amount an envelope table is three times more powerful. The day that encourage me to buy a laptop for game indagaré which is better although I decline me by toshiba. After my experience on portable.

EdgarMK - World RMS

Trashiba is piece of crap Dell own Alienware and it's also trash product they sell you an hard drive twice the price you can get it from anywhere else.

Best bet is on a custom build desktop computer here my list of the best brand.

Motherboard: Asus or Gigabytes

Powersupply: Antec

Hard Drive: Western Digital (Black caviar for performance)  They last more than 10 years :)

Processor: Intel

Processor cooling system: Zalman and some other who does have liquid cooling.

Video Card: Asus (ATI Radeon or Geforce)

CD burner/player: LG

Computer screen: Asus (Splendid)

Computer Case: As you wish


It's all based on quality and durabillity.


Si vous avez des question, vous pouvez me contacté par messagerie privé!


Why Hello There.

Alternative: Wopian
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When you have to travel a lot, you don't want to have too much weight back. Why a laptop. :P


But if, always desktop is better. You adapt it as you like.


In the future, and in other best time at least for my haha.

EdgarMK - World RMS

Hello all,

finally we got to a solution for this issue!

Thx to all the tests that EdgarMK did for us, we could understand that from the last update is needed a multicore processor to run the game and having a single core one leads you to this kind of issue.

We will add compatibility to single core pcs on Beta4, but will also change the minimun requirements cause single core machines decrease the performances.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

I Can Play jeje

When my situation improves PC change :P



EdgarMK - World RMS

usk esrb_rp

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