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[Solved] help

I have tried all the things in the fourums and can not get this game to work :-(

i used to play a while back and have uninstalled the game and tried all the patches turned off my norton i have done it all and can not get it to work ,,i like this game but i am forced to give up for now it makes me sad ,i will come back again another time to try 

just some thing to add ,,after trying again i opened my task manager to see whatwas in there and i had this from the game ,,,crash module delivery portal,, i do not know what is going on ,,sorry to be a pain

Ok mate, let's check one thing at a time. First of all, what happens when you launch the game? Let's start from here.. also, please make a list of everything you did (examples: reinstalling the game, disabling antivirus, etc.)

ty for responding :-) i can not launch the game because i can not install it sadly,,, ok i made sure that i ununstalled the old version of thegame also i did the cc cleaner and i turned off my antivirus program,, made sure there was no firewall blocking it, it will just not install for me which is odd because i used to play it before the change over ,,i am going to try it again and i will post what happens

oh i forgot to say that i  tried to install all the patches  also ,,i will be back to inform you of what happens ,,ty again

We're here to solve problems :D

You said that you can't install the game, does the installer give you an error, crashes or something else?

ok you can call me captain idiot lol it was after all  the fact that my norton had quarantined  the file and i just restored it what do i do now? 

when i open the file it says it is allready installed


Norton sucks a little :D Anyway, the "already installed" problem was solved by other users by running a registry clean on ccleaner (not just a normal clean), but you said that you already did it so it's quite stange :/ if you can you can try to uninstall norton and trying again (as it gives a false positive on the installer).

my question is if it is installed on my pc what do i do to run it ?


Hello mate, well if I got your question ... go to Start --> All Programs --> Victory --> Victory.exe

Tell me if you still need help. Thx!

Alessandra Pollini - QA

carissimi, ho un problema: dopo l'ultimo update, lanciando l'applicazione, trovo il messaggio "server non trovato". Ho provato a reinstallare, ma non riesce a disinstallare la release precedente...


Hey okokkoo,

please use the Italian section of the forum, if you talk in Italian, ty! :)


Ciao okokkoo,

usa la sezione del forum dedicata all'italiano, per favore. :)

Prova a leggere questo post e, se hai ancora problemi, scrivi qualcosa là, grazie! http://victorythegame.com/forum/italiano/download-nuova-versione-fallito

Alessandra Pollini - QA

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