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Shader 3.0 support.....

Just currently tried to run the game and it had a blank screen and an error that stated 

"Your graphics card does not support any vertex shader"

Couldn't play Auto Club Revolution because my card does not support 3.0?

Any work arounds known of maybe an emulator?!

Come on yo I love racing and most games I can't play because of my card except track mania

And if you can't help me...REALLY?! You know what it's like being a speed prodigy and not being able to play games like this.......

-_- Help please?!

What card do you have?  Is it a laptop or a desktop?


I can play it on my Mom's quadcore fine but not mine because it's chipset.


Anyways, thank you for the reply mate..It is a desktop, would you like SPECS by any chance?

Yes, post the specs.  Just the graphics card model and cpu will do.  There's a slim posibility that something may have gone awry in the drivers or directx.

As a desktop, it is probably very cheap to just swap in a better video card.  There's a geforce 9800gt on ebay for $0.99 that will do the job.

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