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Server loseing connection

A person keeps forceing the server to lose or disconnect me what do i do?


Edit: not appropriate language.

Hope you get banned you hacker.  

Issue got solved and Stevendude95 got banned for using the exploit.

Thx guys for reporting it!

Alessandra Pollini - QA

When raceing semi pro with 4 or more racers the fps goes down to 18fps. I  cant drive my car. Is there a why to fix is. love the game but this is real bad.

Please. could you find a more appropriate thread to ask this question and not just pick one randomly?

lets say you run for hot lap record server lose ,where do you go too fixs this small error.too all

Hello scrummy,

are you loosing the connection repeatedly? 

Can you give us more details about your issue, please? Your comment was not so clear.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

usk esrb_rp

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