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Questions about accounts

Hi all, I have several questions about the game account.

These are my questions. Does the account created in G1 there now or that it created a new account?

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Your account on the new site for Victory : Age of Racing is totally unrelated to your account at G1. It's a fresh start! 

Victory is now hosting itself, no longer within the constraints over at GamersFirst which is why there's a new site.

Hope I helped answer your question :)

- Mad Cow -

Then I will need to download the game, and worth the same as the G1?

I do believe you have to redownload the game via the GAME DOWNLOAD button, but don't worry - No beta key required just sign up download and you're all set!

- Mad Cow -

Okay, I will perfect the game much better than before. Thank you for sorting out the doubts

how do I change country.Please help me

As stated in the registration page, the country can't be changed once selected.



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