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Pro Freeze

Finke gioco con le auto niubbe tutto bene..


Quando provo le Pro nel momento in cui entro nel server dopo aver caricato la mappa fa un "ping" (rumore strano)

e mi freeza lo schermo .. la freccia si muove ma nn fa nulla, se esco mi dice runtime error in victory.exe...


Ke minkia puo' essere? ho già reinstallato 2 volte rifacendo anke il download x sicurezza..


Hey! Could you please send the numen.log to the Support? Thx.



Il rumore strano è il suono del crash: potresti mandare il numen.log file che trovi nella cartella Victory al Support, per cortesia? Grazie.

Alessandra Pollini - QA


I've seen that if i join alone a new server all works.. i see mine car on starting grid can choose set up and rest but when someone join i got the error that i writed before..


What can  i do?

From the log, looks like you have a corrupted material: I tryed to replicate your Pro car, with same blocks and templates/patters, but all is working fine for me.

Do some tests, please. Try to enter the HL with that Pro. Try to make a new Pro car, standard one w/o patterns or templates, and enter the races with that new Pro.

Let me know, ty!

Alessandra Pollini - QA

Tryed with a new one without all except basic color but it freeze also when i join a started race..

Seems that i can't load pro cars except mine, cause if i try to build my own room i see mine car without any problem but if someone join i got the crash..

i tryed to reinstall but is the same..


By reading your log, you could load the other pro cars, could see it.

I have some perplexities about the rear block you used: that's a bugged block and you chose it also for the second pro car...what a luck! :p

But I could race also with that block and had no issues...will think more about it and test.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

lol i try a car with all 1 ^^


just done...





Reinstalled and after the update 0.09.571 i got the "ping" that hear on pro cars.. got a minidump error.. dunno what is it

ill post it...



<CrashRpt version="1300"><CrashGUID>54f09eb2-01c7-4ef0-ac20-b6e31af894c4</CrashGUID><AppName>Victory</AppName><AppVersion>0.09.577</AppVersion><ImageName>D:\Games\Victory\VaeVictis\Victory\Victory.exe</ImageName><OperatingSystem>Windows 7 Home Premium Build 7601</OperatingSystem><OSIs64Bit>1</OSIs64Bit><GeoLocation>it-it</GeoLocation><SystemTimeUTC>2012-04-08T15:02:19Z</SystemTimeUTC><ExceptionType>0</ExceptionType><ExceptionCode>0</ExceptionCode><GUIResourceCount>37</GUIResourceCount><OpenHandleCount>440</OpenHandleCount><MemoryUsageKbytes>419224</MemoryUsageKbytes><CustomProps><Prop value="Ziubello" name="User"/></CustomProps><FileList><FileItem name="client.log" description=""/><FileItem name="crashdump.dmp" description="Crash Minidump"/><FileItem name="crashrpt.xml" description="Crash Description XML"/><FileItem name="gui.log" description=""/><FileItem name="numen.log" description=""/><FileItem name="server.log" description=""/></FileList></CrashRpt>


Boh nn so se puo' servire a qualcosa

That's a part of the Crash Report, not interesting to understand a lot about your crash, but can be usefull to help us looking for your report easly. Will give a look, ty.

Could you update the game to the latest patch, 0.09.577, after the crash?

Alessandra Pollini - QA

y.. but if i try and try with 33 mb middle patch i got error

I have the same problem , HL or racing in pro class result in immediate crash . Cannot send crash report . I receive errors when trying to send crash reports .

Yes, already said in some other thread that the we changed the domain, to be ready for the next step, so you can't send the crash reports anymore.

Only stuff you can do when you crash is to go to the Victory folder, after the crash, and send the Numen.log / Client .log / Gui.log to the Support.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

My crashes in pro are still happening.  Anything I do gets no results. But there is one thing I noticed: Usualy when I play long time ( 1 hour ) with rockie and semi cars, game alow me to start pro  hot laps and  race, and then everything work fine.

Recerco, the devs told me that they got what was causing a crash on Pro and in the next patch it will be fixed.

I keep my fingers crossed! :p

Let's update this thread after it.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

Ooh.. Now that are really good news. Thanks for the effort. ;)

Ok people,new patch bring PRO clas working perfectly.Test it for multiple time and everything is OK.


Great news!

Thx to you for your patience. :)

Alessandra Pollini - QA

usk esrb_rp

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