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''please wait,joining server...''

 Any help please i cant get past the message above when i go on multiplayer.It just forever displays ''please wait ,joining server'' and never loads.   thanks

What do you mean? What's multiplayer.it?

Are you trying to join a server but it hangs on the loading page? 

yes i mean on any mutiplayer , at the moment all i can play is hotlap challenge

yes on match making or race lobby when i select a server it says ''loading'' but never actually loads anything

do you know of any solution?


Do you have a firewall working background? In that case make sure you added an exception for Victory. If that's not the case you could try to open port 5566 on your router.


Hello LukeM7,

the firewall could be the reason, as Capabomba already told you.

Could you please send the numen.log and client.log to the Support


Alessandra Pollini - QA

Couldn't get any confirmation or more info from the logs you sent us, LukeM7.

Although we found a bug for Windows 7 users related to the firewall, that has been fixed in P10 and released soon.

Did you check your firewall's setting and if it allows Victory to comunicate?

Alessandra Pollini - QA

My firewall says victory is a exception  (and im using Windows XP)

I have found that i can start a server of my own and that takes about 30 seconds to load.

how long should it take to join a server?   perhaps its just taking a really long time to load?

Try running the game in administrator mode, and if possible try to launch it with vista/xp compatibility on, it should be under properties. 

I also have the occasional problem with large hangtimes on the loading screen, if the loading screen takes longer than a minute, close it via task manager and retry.

30 seconds it's quite a lot if you ask me. Can you give us more information about your computer configuration (CPU, RAM, GPU and OS)? 

If ecaflip's solution doesn't help, and you already port forwarded 5566 on the router, you should consider contacting your provider and see if they can fix it. It worked for other people who couldn't reach game servers.



I have this issue too. I'm on Windows 7 and I can't get past the Joining screen. I have Intel i5 processor with 8GBs of RAM and an Nvidia Geforce GT530 GPU with 1024MB dedicated RAM. I checked the firewall settings and Victory is set to access both Public and Private networks DEAR GOD HELP ME I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS AAAAAHHHHHH

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