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performance buffs and gold problems

if you buy a new motor and u had your performance on the 1st motor to the 3rd level,will the new motor perform at that same level 3? also i got free gold doing the work they gave us to do ,and when playing it dissapeard,i had like 20 in gold,im pretty sure buying performance buffs took ,but i never told the program to use the gold in any way,i had always used credit to buy stuff.its no big deal becouse it was free gold ,but had i paid for it and it started to dissapear, that would of ticked me off,i dont seem to view a way to set up buying stuff for just credit, or just gold..so i dont know where the error is in this matter,,and one more thing,off topic,,as the scenerio states in some after math,why cant we build street cars too? just a thought,,like to drive my hemi cuda,,ha ha,,great game,haveing a blast,see u on the track,,veyron.

Hello Veyron,

we are investigating about the golds: can tell you more soon.

I'm not sure if I got your question about the engine, could you explain it better, please? 

Thank you.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

First of all, welcome veyron :)

I'm not sure if I understood your first question exactly, but anyway in the development screen you can see (on the right side) your car stats changing according to the engine you are using. Every level of engine gives you 3 options, with 3 different brands of engine. Of course higher level of engine performs better.

About the gold, I think you simply used it without realizing. Everytime you buy something (car parts, widgets, performance points, etc.) you will be given the possibility whether to pay with gold or with gear credits. So my guess it's that you mistakenly paid with gold.


From what I could see, you did 19 transitions of 1 Victis Gold / each, buying the >0 widget during the races.

Pay attention at the fact that if you have Victis Golds, as default you will buy stuffs with them; if you wanna use the Gear Credits you have to change it by yourself. Then, you clicked 'BUY', without checking what you were using. :)

Alessandra Pollini - QA

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