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Patch 0.09.936 error

I need reinstall? where a download patch?

Why your page of news is not update =(

How do you get this message?

Maybe it's better if you reinstall it. There is no harm, really. Your cars and progressions are all saved on the site.


i received message is launcher




Hello KingRider,

did you try already to disinstall the game and download again from here? http://victorythegame.com/download

Alessandra Pollini - QA

ok!! done reinstall


Look happen



Thx for the movie, KingRider, all is clearer now.

But, you didn't do what I suggested you: got you! :p

Just click on the link  http://victorythegame.com/download and download it again (you should no need to disinstall anything, since you have the bug of Victory not being installed, somehow). When you are done with download, click on the exe and start it: a new download should start of about 380 Mb.

You will, basically, download all the game from the scratch: if you manage to see again the 16Mb donwload only (that is the last patch and the one you showed us in your youtube movie), then you are doing something wrong.

Let me know, please.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

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