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My car froze in mid race, then the race ended and victory went unresponsive.

I was basically racing my race, when my car froze somewhere in the middle of nowhere. The idle counter got activated and my car went transparents.

Then some dude finished the race, and the 30 seconds left counter went ticking down, once it reached 0 victory crashed.



It sounds like the server connection dropped out.  Are there any unusual messages at the end of client.log?

Nothing out of the ordinary.

This at the moment of freeze:


15:28:16:  Check for collision.
15:28:16:   test with ItalianoShow
15:28:16:   test with FancyPants
15:28:16:  receive sector 224 from SennaBR
15:28:17:  receive sector 225 from SennaBR
15:28:17:  receive sector 128 from ItalianoShow
15:28:17:  receive sector 226 from SennaBR
15:28:17:  set IDLE_SECTOR
15:28:17:  receive sector 227 from SennaBR
15:28:17:  receive sector 129 from ItalianoShow
15:28:17:  Received player xzbobzx idle: 2

When is the last sector from you that isn't an IDLE_SECTOR?

15:28:02:  Send sector: 169

That happened to me but it only happens in multiplayer mode and not in hot lap mode.


Another very annoying bug we're investigating, thanks for you report.

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games


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