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Mouse Gameplay

HI everyone :) I don't know if it's only me that has this problem . When I'm using the mouse to control the car , evereytime i cut off the throttle to enter a corner there is a delay ~1 second of car response . The same happens when i apply the brakes . I tried reving the car while in neutral (manual transmision) , still the same problem , once i go full throttle , when i lift my finger off the mouse button the revs don't immediately drop , they stat at 8000rpm (or whatever the limit is ) for at least 0.5~1 second . Any help?
thanks :D

The mouse as controller is really depending on the model and drivers, atm, so not all are working properly.

We will optimize it when working on the wheel as controller as well.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

thanks :) guess i'll just hang in there :P

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