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Most of the "earn gold" options don't seem to work

What it says on the tin. Since I'm a huge cheapskate, I thought I'd try doing some of the free survey things- they seem pretty simple, "register with valid contact info" to receive gold. So I did that, and didn't get any gold in the alotted time. I can conceive that I might have somehow not done the registration ones properly, but I even tried one that only required me to click on a link and it didn't work. I tried one yesterday (or a couple days ago? I don't remember) and it worked, but now none of them seem to be working.



Which one did you try exactly?

I tried a couple of the "BigBuckSurveys" ones, the one that says it's petition against the FDA but actually isn't, and the Kellogg's Wellness Assessment one. I chose these because they only required you to sign up (or in the case of the Kellogg's one, read a web page and click a banner and you're done). I'm using Firefox, and I turned off adblock. I don't have any other cookie-disabling features, or the like.

Any further word on this? Is it working for anyone else?

I'm sorry but I really don't know. I think this kind of offers are filtered by country, so mine are only related to Italy.

Thx for reporting it SenseiMcDwarf: we are investigating on it.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

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