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joystick / windows 7 [Solved]

I have a strange problem with a joystick I have years ago. I've always been able to play with the without having to install the drivers from the CD (that have) operating system detected it me and installed automatically without problem. Now I have these same steps but I can not use it, is operating and recognized, but when I set it up it doesn't take me directions as buttons. I've tried an emulator to configure the joystick and neither does it take me actions of the.


Not be that must be this problem, if anyone has had the same problem in a past that is kind enough to write to me because for me it is the first time and I have not found by the search engine solution.


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I don't know wich joystick you use but you should go to the constructor website and download the lastest driver compatible with your system window driver update is not always up to date.

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It is old Wortex company and I already searched it and they have discontinued it years ago. But I've done the same thing ever and before playing TOCA RACE DRIVER 3 games SNK emulator with or without problem but now recognizes it and I have the drivers but as directions buttons do not work.
Layers that broke?

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Try to use this keyboard emulator. Maybe you will be satisfied. Remember, if you decide to try this emulator,  you must set a keyboard as your control metod in very game.

I have bought a new joystick and it works without any problem.


If you want to improve the game. Recommend that if the game and the joystick is started is not connected and then connects to the game recognize it without having to close the game and reopen it.

EdgarMK - World RMS

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