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It keeps going back to the log in screen all the time when i'm in a multiplayer race

Every time i enter a race it freezes and goes back to the login screen.


Please help me because i won't play the game if it keeps doing that.

Start the game and try to enter a race.  Once it throws you back to the login, exit the game and upload the log files to http://victorythegame.com/support/technical-support.  The files will be in the folder where victory was installed.  Once the dev's have the log files, they may be able to help you with the cause.

If it happens with every race you try to enter (i.e. you've never been able to enter any race ever),  then it might be worth giving your internet provider a call to see if they're blocking something.

If you're on wireless internet, then try a wired connection. 

If you share your internet with someone else, get them to stop doing anything and try again.


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