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Install location / bugged.

Can someone fix the game install. If Im installing game to a folder, that means I want it to be there. I dont want any other folders to be created (VaeVictis).

Just a little suggestion.

I know it can be fixed.


E.g. in install -> Gry\Victory\

After Install -> Gry\Victory\*VaeVictis*\Victory

Thx for the suggestion Materia, will report it to our dev team and we will evaluate it.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

Dont take it as insult please (like I wouldnt like VaeVictis smiley) in any case. I just have such "system" on my PC, and Im using it for years now. Installing games to games, using only names of the games, not the companies. Programs to programs etc.

Anti consoles since ever.

If you are of these retards "aww my gaypad doesnt work with victory, please help", then go back to your shitty console, and try there. Keep away of the PC, fags.

Racing here since 2011.

usk esrb_rp

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