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Important fps drop.

Hello everyone.


i have been having a little issue with this awesome game thats been ruining the experience a little for me.

Everytime i play hotlap mode or a hot lap party i have a healthy 30-40 fps.


But when i go agaist other players i experience a serious fps drop. With 1 or 2 players its no significant but with at least 3 other drivers on the grid i go from 35 fps i have while playing alone to 18-20.

My video card might not be the best to play this kind of game, its an moblity radeon HD 6810g, but i just cant understand how adding 5 cars to the screen can generate such a signifcant FPS drop.

Has anyone been expericing significant FPS drops when playing agaist pther players?






Yes, all the non-uber computers are experiencing it. Should it happen? No of course, but if you read the news you'll see that the graphic changes (new shaders, game optimization, etc.) will come with the next big update, so hold on a little more. Also, you should write on the Steam forum, since it is now the main board (and this forum will shut down soon).

usk esrb_rp

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