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How to post your DX Diag (useful read if you need technical support)

The DXDiag basically shows all the specs of your computer - including video card info, PCU info, info about memory, and even how old your video driver is! When reporting a technical issue, it can be very helpful to post your DXDiag along with your request for technical support. This will help us rule out whether or not your problems are things such as outdated video drivers, not enough memory, insufficient video card, etc etc.   It will also help us determine whether or not certain bugs have a pattern with certain types of computer setups.


To post your DXDiag :

1) Go to START and in the run/search box type "dxdiag"

2) On the bottom of the dxdiag application window that appears, find "Save All Info" and click on it

3) Choose a save location which you will easily be able to find (example : Desktop)

4) Find the txt file it saved to and open it

5) In the menu, go to EDIT then click on SELECT ALL. 

6) Press CTRL C to copy

7) Go to wherever you are posting and Press CTRL V to paste it onto your report.

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