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Gold Coins

I have competed in several events in the last few days that pay gold coins.I get the message from Racing Authority,but no gold coins.


hey what's the deal ? I haven't recieved any info on the gc issue.I realy like the game,and I'll keep playing with or without the gc.

Sorry for delay, Event seem to work properly on the game.

Note: that Is Gear Credit not Victis Gold I don't know about how much Gear Credit you are talking about but you must be more specific.

Was it ingame event... we need details.


Si vous avez des question, vous pouvez me contacté par messagerie privé!

My mistake misunder meaning of gc.Im not at very tech savy.Took me a little while to figure every thing out.Thank you for replying back to my stupid question any way.Love the game.


usk esrb_rp

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