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Game doesn't start after login

Hi everybody! That's my problem, after click the launcher, i click play, then i Log In successfully, but when I apply the first obligatory settings the game crash to desktop with the message "Victory has stopped working", what can it be?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Cloudheaven,

hmm an italian guy reported it as well tonight in the Italian section of the forum, so something is def broken. Tomorrow we will check what can be (cause today is holiday in Italy :P), but please, after the crash, go to the Victory folder, save the numen.log and send it to the Support.


Alessandra Pollini - QA

i have same problem plz help me send to my yahoo truongle1912@yahoo.com.vn


Hello Iqtruong,

as asked above, could you send please the numen.log to the Support?


Alessandra Pollini - QA

I have sended the numen.log four times but doesn't work. HELP ME!!!

tambem tenho esse problema por favor me ajude... gaahsilvaa@gmail.com

If you need support in Portugues, please open a new thread here http://victorythegame.com/forum/portugu%C3%AAs

this is also happening to me, after the intro movie the game crashes and asks to send a report.

EDIT: I noticed that the game will work fine if i use another account. So there is something wrong with my account, or related. please vae victis, fix this problem, i don't want to have to start from lvl 1.

usk esrb_rp

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