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Extreme lag stuttering when playing online.

I recently installed victory again, went ingame, experienced my frame rate being a bit bad. So I set all my graphical settings to the lowest possible and tried again. Still my framerate would barely manage 30 fps. Odd, I thought, but I could live with it.

Anyway, I went racing, and halfway through the race victory literally turned into a slideshow, it went down to a framerate of 2 fps (while the framerate ticker still said 24), and I've already had this a couple of times, and it's extremely annoying.

This is all online, in hotlap challenge I easily manage framerates of 40, it being smooth all the time.


At this rate victory online is unplayable, help!

I find this only happens when I am in a race with more than 3 players. Or anytime a server event occurs.... like applying xp and funds on a hot lap or a player entering a room...... I applied premium access to my account and this slideshow performance is making me regret it!

Same here. Hardly any problems in hotlap, but when in a race with others this game is unplayable. Real shame, promised to be a great game.

I have all my settings on Low, "vsync" is enabled, and I even have the game running on only 1 of 2 CPU's ( affinity ).

I think

fps bug = lag bug

hotlap party = no lag

before : 15 FPS

except Someone enters the room. (event) : 

after : 7 FPS

Super GP : extreme lag = low fps


I'm sorry, I was wrong.

With me only "frame drop bug" is.


I mean, it's because of the video card and not because of the internet.


With i7, 6 giga DDR3 ram and Nvidia GT 525M I should be running smoothly on even the highest settings. Decreasing or increasing the settings doesn't affect the FPS at all, I have extreme lag and desync every time I play on multiplayer, and this is with 6 giga download speed and over 1 giga upload speed. 


I'm done with this game. Would have been quite fun if I didn't see a damn slideshow every time I play.


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Developers are aware of the performance problems and they're working on it. Don't forget we are in beta phase.

You can't run this game on highest setting with a Nvidia M card (in your case GT 525M) as its a mobile card and considerably lower in performance. 

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Any solution for that problem/bug?

Game is unplayable in multiplayer.

Wired connection is the key. Wireless is the less recommanded for gaming  since wee need strong/constant signal and wireless doesn't offert that option. if you have fps drop it's might be the hardware or the software. but to make sure we need more information and it seem to have been fixed at 80% on the beta4.

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Still have never experienced low fps or lag, I guess I'm lucky. I have all settings turned up. My system is an AMD Dual Core 2.9 mhz, 4GB of DDR3 ram, 1GB Nvidia graphics card. My connection is AT&T Uverse 24mb/sec. All in all my setup is just average, if not below average. Haven't seen frame stutter even!

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