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Error Launching installer

Every time when I am trying to open the VictorySetup_0.09.711.exe, It always says error launching installer, I don't know what's wrong with it. 

Maybe the file you downloaded was somehow corrupted. Please just delete it and try to download it again http://victorythegame.com/download.

What OS are you using?

I am using windows7. I download again and it doesn't work...idk why

I am using windows7, but it always says error

It doesn't say what kind of error? Have you tried to run the installer as administrator?

I know what kind of error is, it says NSIS error? do you how to solve this?

Ok try to follow these steps:

- Open the Start menu, type CMD and execute;

- Now drag and drop victory.exe file in the CMD windows. This will help you get the path of the file which will be displayed after your hard drive unit.

- Now in the CDM just hit the space bar and add /NCRC right after the file path and execute.

This should let you run the installer (hopefully). Let us know if this worked.

ok, never mind, it's my computer's fail, thank you so much, it is virus.

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