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Error: Can't reach server

Why do i keep getting this error.

Hi Fendaril.

Directly from Technical support's FAQ:

There could be several reason to this problem. First of all make sure your firewall is not blocking Victory. If you are connected to a router, try to open port 5566 and so tell your friend who are hosting the race.

The last option is to directly contact your internet provider. This proved to be effective in some cases.

So, try one step at a time and keep us posted.

I portfowarded and triple verified it with the only verifiable port checking tool at PFPortChecker.com


I still get a connection error. I only get this error when I lauch the application, not when I am trying to play a LAN game of some sort.

Ok its working now. It turns out that the updater uses internet explorer to update 0.0!


I had my internet explorer set to an invalid proxy so I disabled it and everything worked fine. I would reccommend adding a part to the faq where it mentions to check to make sure internet explorer is working properly.

thankx for this tips using proxy btw is not the best deal for safety reason.

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