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Disqualified for AFK even while racing!

Dear Vae Victis,


Congrats for your Victory game, it's really awesome, the atmosphere it conveys it's really astounding and the gameplay is almost excellent ;)

However, there's a thing that really bugs me off: almost allthe time, expecially in some races (when almost everyone is 60 pi and the pilots are all tight one another) someone is kicked out forbeing AFK. 

I could undestand if this happens when the pilot that has been kicked was still, but this is incredibly annoying when happens while the player kicked was actually racing! Just to explain, today (July 9th, 2012) I did 50 races (yes, I've counted allof them): I've been kicked out while racing because of being AFK (while I was racing... most of the times while being among the first three pilots)... 1 time? 

Nope,try again.

2 you say? 5? 10?


Twenty-seven times. Yep. 27 TIMES! Out of 50 races! 

Please mind I wasn't using anything that could use some bandwidth, like Steam, Dropbox, Chrome or firefox...nothing. My 7Gb Telecom Italia Internet Line was used only by Victory. Just for saying how this is difficult for me to just get by.

I hope you find a fix for this problem, because really cracks all the fun in the game: why race if you can be easily kicked out for a stupid reason like that while you're racing?

Thanks for reading the post and I'm looking for an answer.




Hi Gabriel,

just to say I'm with you. From the patch 9.0 I can't race being disqualified every time because AFK. Not 27 on 50 times but, let's say, 49 on 50.


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Hello GabrielSonic,

Idd a known and so annying bug. :(

Please, save the client.log and numen.log (u can find them in Programs-->VaeVictis-->Victory folder) and send them to the Support.


Alessandra Pollini - QA

Arghhhhhhh....you are even more annOying. :P

Alessandra Pollini - QA

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