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Different kind of errors when joining a race.

With every new patch this game get more and more bugs and errors.

Not only the lag affecting everyone in the race, but also the errors that kick players back to the Windows screen while trying to join.

Any ways to fix anything? Its starting to work on my nervers now. This game was playable like 2 patches from now on. It gets worse, and worse.

Hello Materia,

we added tons of new features that need to be tested and beta testers help is to find these bugs, report them, send crash reports and use tools like the support one, by sending numen.log, client.log and server.log when available: in this way we can fix what is not working properly.

Without testers games can't be released, your help is so needed as appreciated, infact we won't ever stop to say thank you to you all guys for the help you are giving to us.

If you expect to find a game without crashes and bugs, well, that time will come on the open beta; if is so irritating for you crash few times, that is really sad to hear, mate: try to watch the game with another prospective, like the one all our testers are using...let's Victory grows up to have a wonderful game to have fun with all toghter.

Don't give up, mate, we need you! smiley

Alessandra Pollini - QA

I just have a question...how do we have to report the crashes or what do you prefer? :p

Here http://victorythegame.com/support/technical-support or with the crash sender that is integrated in the client?

It is important to always send crash reports with the integrated system. You can also report technical issues on the technical-support forum, which is useful for seeing if devs, mods, or members can help you out or at least give some input. But you don't want to post on the forum about EVERY crash. So yeah always use the crash sender, and optionally you can post a thread about it as long as you are not basically spamming the forum with the same issues that you have already started a thread about. Hope this was helpful yes

- Mad Cow -

Well Alexa, I am sending you reports, but lately I feel like facing an avalanche. I can start the game and crash on the start, then try to join the race, and crash to desktop 4 times in a row.., or if I join random lag out of other dimension attack whole game.


Will keep supporting you, its not like Im going to give up that easily angel.

Anti consoles since ever.

If you are of these retards "aww my gaypad doesnt work with victory, please help", then go back to your shitty console, and try there. Keep away of the PC, fags.

Racing here since 2011.

Same Prob and I always send the Error..


usk esrb_rp

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