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Champion pack something went wrong?

Hi recently bought champion pack and 500 gold but then in selling upgrades on one of my cars the gold went down to 485 when i had the gears credit option highlited then when i go back the development points 48 of which i had now cease to exist and i am left with 12 at the level of 21 can someone please help because i have just spent 12 pound and this has happened? And i am not very happy :/

Hello Carmichael,

tomorrow morning we will immediatly verify what happened and I will get back to you with an answer.

Thx for your patience!

Alessandra Pollini - QA

Thank you


Thank you

Well Carmichael, let's analyze what happened together.

Yesterday at 2:06 pm you bought  a Champion Pack and 'jumped' from level 4 to level 21.

At level 4 you could have max 12 PP and once relogged at level 21, you were allowed to buy the 48 PP left to get max to 60PPs, but, instead of buy them, you resetted the PPs you already had.

In fact your Rookie car had 12 PP and I can see in the logs that at 2:21 pm you spent 15 Victis Gold by doing a PPs reset and now in the Develop section, you see 12 PP, instead of 48, cause first of all you have to reallocate for free the 12 PP you resetted, and when done it, you will see again the 48PP you are/were missing. 

Well, you are not the first one that didn't get properly how PPs reset are working, it has been reported by few people already. :(

Now go to the Develop section, reallocate all the 12 PPs you resetted by putting them in the car attributes you prefer and then push 'Apply'. Once done it, you will be able to buy the 48 PPs left. And be careful, cause the VG will be the first highlited in all the transitions, so if you don't wanna to use them, you have to change and select the GC.

Sorry if I was a bit messy: let me know if you still have doubts about anything. :)

Alessandra Pollini - QA

Thanky for your help i know understand what happened and i now have my 48pp's back i realise now that the victis gold option was the first one highlighted when i pressed the buy button. I didnt think it would be the first option.

But thank you for your Quick response to my confusion and i wish you well with the game development from now on.

Thank you mate, have fun! :)

Alessandra Pollini - QA

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