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can't play after victory update

hi all

i'm having problems after the update to beta4

I can log in without problems but then, when i press play button i see for a second the splash screen and the game quit and a windows with error report pops up...

Some one with same problem?

any suggestion?

I can get into game fine but i go to a public race, 3,2,1, and then....CRASH = error report.

Guys, the devs have stated that there are some bugs (read: crashes) with some conifgs. So if you can send the error report using the integrated tool; a patch is coming very soon (like, some days maximum) to solve the big issues. If you are experiencing problems only with quick races, you can try to join only live events in the meanwhile since it seems that they are not affected by issues! 

I reported the error too

Thanks guys

Luca Garattoni

Producer @VaeVictis

TW: @GarattoniLuca

Same issue, I sent the reports.

It opens up the window, but it remains black and then brings up the error report screen... Hope this gets fixed soon. Thanks for making this game so brilliant!

my problem its the check game star after happended a menssager of the finishide.and layout  name and passoword not get to see.some one can me help?sorry the inglens.

When attempting to participate in any race, other than the single, the program closes at the time of launch. Reset setting to default. It did not help. What to do?

07:18:17:  Connecting to server
07:18:17:  Guid: 806144338031968869
07:18:20:  Connection request accepted from|55567
07:18:20:  Connected
07:18:20:  Received server info.
07:18:20:  ServerMode: 4 car: 0
07:18:20:  Received session state.
07:18:20:  	track: 9 reset: 0 state: 0 timestamp: 35800654
07:18:30:  Scene started.
07:18:31:  Received add player.
07:18:31:  AddPlayer: 1
07:18:31:  add player: 130180, Aleksandr
07:18:31:  Received enter session.
07:18:31:  	player Aleksandr is entered. grid: 1  box: 1
07:19:04:  Received add player.
07:19:04:  AddPlayer: 1
07:19:04:  add player: 51626, colnorth
07:19:09:  Received enter session.
07:19:09:  	player colnorth is entered. grid: 2  box: 2
07:19:09:  Received session state.
07:19:09:  	onSessionGrid
07:19:09:  	track: 9 reset: 0 state: 1 timestamp: 6637089
07:20:24:  Received add player.
07:20:24:  AddPlayer: 1
07:20:24:  add player: 61037, Etraud
07:20:44:  Received enter session.
07:20:44:  	player Etraud is entered. grid: 3  box: 3
07:21:03:  	onSessionClosed
07:21:03:  PushQuickRaceClientStart
07:21:04:  Player Aleksandr regrid: 1
By what criteria discrimination? In addition to Russians and cats? ;)
Starbuck - African American?

Thanks for report.


Luca Garattoni

Producer @VaeVictis

TW: @GarattoniLuca

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