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Hello. I attended a couple of months ago in the beta test. Today went to see howthe case here. Tryes to  recover my old account , system didnt  find my nickname. I am writing  from new acc.
I understand that everything was removed including my accomplishments.


Yes, if you open the game on the login screen it's written that old beta users have to register a new account and start from scratch.

Hey Experemental! welcome back!

As we now re-lauched the beta self publishing it, we were forced to reset all the Gamersfirst accounts and restart from scratch: every player needs to register again on this new official website like you've done.

Sorry for that, but there's no other way to do it :(

Hope you're enjoying the new features, there's lots of new stuff since the G1 days ;)

I'm sure you will kick back hard and set new records on the board ;)


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Creative Director
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