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about steam key

hi , i have started playing this game before this update

and i m asking about the key for steam , were i find my key for the game for steam because i have check the email i didnt find it

 and thnx

Steam keys are not active just yet, you can check by going here http://victorythegame.com/steamreedem

If you need help, just ask ;D
If only if i was a MOD! Oh, wait....;D

ok , when the key is active i find it in the White box ?

Yes, it will be in the white box each player will have his own key.

Don't forget to follow the instruction to transfer you account data otherwise you will start back as a newbie from the Level 1.

Si vous avez des question, vous pouvez me contacté par messagerie privé!

usk esrb_rp

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