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F1 - Who's that driver?

Hello Boys and Girls of Victory!

This thread will be different from any other.

This will be a game where I post a picture of a current OR former Formula 1 driver. 

The game will be quite simple, I will post a picture and a hint of who the driver is, and all you have to do is post a comment on who you think it is. 


1. If you think you know who it is, leave a comment on the thread of who you believe it is.

2. When writing the name of the driver, write the full name OR First initial and last name (Example: Vae Victis OR V. Victis)

3. This rule is the most important. Have fun :)


Some pictures will be harder to figure out, so be patient and do a little homework ;)




First Picture:

HINT: He first started driving in F1 in 1960, and took his first ever win in 1962.



Jim Clark....;)  (must admit I Google it... )

Good Job recerco, you are the first winner ;D



Second picture:

HINT: This European driver began racing in the early 70's, he has a statue in his home city in his honor.

Good luck :)


Ronnie Peterson.  The reason for the statue is either that someone won multiple F1 championships or died, and Ronnie was sadly killed at Monza in 1978 right after the start.

He is the reason that people today cannot walk away after a crash without being seen by a doc even if they seem fine.  He had internal bleedings which costs him his life 3 days later.  Well also 2 broken legs, but it was the bleedings that got him iirc.  That or a blod clot that wandered from his legs to stuck in heart/lungs.

Edit: Excellent thread idea!  I love F1 history, even from before it was called F1 but just the European Championship, 1931-1939.


Jean-Pierre Jarier ?  

Naura got it! Good try Botini ;)

I agree Naura, F1 is a great sport to read about.

Also, I am glad you like it :D


Picture 3:

HINT: This driver began his career in F1 in 1950, and retired after just 34 races.

Good luck ;D


I figure it's Guiseppe Farina or Luigi Fagioli. Since most other drivers who started in 1950 either lasted longer (Fangio), died rather than retired (Ascari), or just are too obscure for you to ask about.



I'll guess Guiseppe Farina.

Hmm, prancing horse, so its a 1952+ Ferrari or an Alfa Romeo(with Enzo as racing boss) from 1950-51.

Front engine car, so its pre-1960, when those started taking over.

Its not Ascari, he looked different, its not Fangio.  So Nino Farina maybe?...that mechanic on the back is holding a wreth for winning a GP, so its probably a main driver not an obscure one-off amateur of sorts.  The "30" doesnt give me any clues.

That car is fucking confusing me!  Its not a Ferrari I think, cause it doesnt have a front grill that "sunk in".  So it must be an Alfetta 159, though that add up, cause where are the side exhaust pipes?..hmm is it maybe not a F1 car but a sports car for Mille Miglia, Targa Florio or so?

That pin at the front makes me believe it could be a variant of an Alfetta and for lack of choice, since Alfettas won everything in 1950 with Farino taking the championship and the first official F1 championship and Fangio taking the next one, I am guessing Nino Farino.

He died in 1966 or 1967 in a private car flying of a cliff.  A sad but proper way to die for a true racing driver.

Both very good guesses, but nope.

keep trying ;D

Luigi Villoresi, as he did drive Ferraris?


P.S. I LOVE his riding mechanic's seat, lol....no room for you!

Congrats gkhager, you got it :D

Good job, next one will be up soon.


Sorry to go into complete anal ADHD mode, but its actually not Villoresi.

The picture, which I couldn't get to work out with that special Ferrari grill, and it is a Ferrari, was probably found here right?


Sorry, not trying to be rude, I would have been fooled too, if that car hadn't confused me.


Its not right however, cause that year and in car number 30(and it wasn't shared) was Pierre Taruffi and the car is a Ferrari 500 2.0 L4, but its a Formula 2 car, cause the Swiss GP at Bremgarten in 1952, which it is, was run under Formula 2 rules to get more ppl to get in and race.

Not sure why that metal patch is over the top of the grill, have not found it on any other car of that era, maybe a restriction or in-race repair patch for stone hit or so.

Picture 4:

HINT: This European driver went on to win 14 races before going on a 6 year winless streak and later retiring.

Good Luck ;D

(p.s) Look closely at the picture, it gives you more hints.


You should have Photoshopped a black mark over the name on the hat :)

Grats Jamjam!

Its a Lotus car, but damn that one was a toughie to figure out an answer I can back up from memory!

The design hints at post-1968 for commercials.  The amount of wins is significant so he can't be a numbskull.

The design also clearly hints a very naive wing(lets bolt some shit on there), and thus it cant be after 1970.  Also its not a JPS Lotus and Golden Leaf ciggies was one of the first commercials at all in F1.

I dunno the Lotus's model name, but its not a 49 right?

Lets assume this is 1968.


"3"..I think "1" was Jim Clark who crashed and died after just the South-of-Equator race in 1968, which he of cause won.  The numbers wouldn't change in Lotus that season out of respect and the other Lotus driver was probably Graham Hill still as he won that year.  But he wouldn't be number 3 either.

So its a then-new-or-test-driver of Lotus but good enough to be just behind Jim and Graham and good enough to win 12 races in this era where Jackie took all, then Emerson, then Lauda, Hunt, then Mario and Jody last.  I am assuming he didnt last from 1968 to more than tops 1980 so its a young man in late 1960s and a winning driver in the 1970s.

The British flag got me for a while, I was certain it had to be a British driver, but 1968 was the year after the racing colors disappeared, so it was likely a "sorry chaps" sticker from Lotus to mark that the TEAM was British just as the racing colors were always, barring Prince Bira and Maurice Trintagiant(one-off), depicting the teams countries.

So it could be an international driver with some but not wild succes in the 1970s.  Hunt?..dont think so.  One of the Jo's?..doesnt ring a Lotus bell.  ANZ ppl?..Jones too soon, Hulme too late, McLaren too dead, Brabham had own team.  Peter Revson?..perhabs, but he was dead by 1973.  Lauda too soon.  Emerson didn't drive in 1968 I think, considering he drove till early 1990s in Indy and retired at age 50 I think, so he would be max 23 here then, hmmm.  Jody was young when he won the champ in 1979 iirc, so too late.  Mario wasn't superyoung, he won Indy 1967 so he WAS driving at that time and Indy could be enough to get into a much coverted placeholder for dead Clark.  Hunt?...perhabs as a young man?..But he was a young man in 1976 so he has to be 19-20 in this photo and wouldnt the shoe-in for champ vic in 1968 wanna replace Clark with more than a young hope, with someone with pedigree?

I think Emerson won more than 12 races or was too young.  I think Hunt was too young and I think Mario Andretti is the best offer.

But Hawk?...Hawk would be his nickname?

I don't wanna spoil an answer, but after some shamefull googling related to a motorsport, predominantly exercised in a single country, I think I get the ref for "Hawk" now :)

Yeah, that was a toughie as he didn't have his 'classic' helmet yet then! Good dig on the photo James!


P.S. I was thinking the photo was from Zandvoort, but is more likely Kyalami.

Really, wow....I saw the sandy looking areas and nice flowers and thought it would be somewhere more beachy than Germany! :)

Ahh 1969 German GP, the last true man-ly Ringmeister GP!

(Official) Picture 5:

HINT: This driver won a handful of races in his 8 years of racing, and his first race was in my home country.

Good luck :D

(For JamJam)- check your messages ;D


Jody Scheckter? (It says so on the car and he did have a short career in F1, so 8 yrs sounds right)

What home country is yours again Racer?

Ah wait, yeah, its US?...Hence you actually knew the Hawk reference yourself probably :)

Is Jamjam also American, so he would have gotten the Hawk ref?

Always thought they just drove Kurtis Kraft all the time till it became Penske/Lolas.

Yes Naura, I didn't see his name on the side, I would have cropped that out D:

And yes, im from US, and from Jam's profile, I'd say he is from the UK.

But anyways, it is Sheckter.

Good job ;D


HINT:started his f1 career with brabham, moving to williams the next year. He retired at the end of the 1999 season.


(Jam Will be providing some pictures and hints for this thread, so give him a thank you next time you talk to him ;D)

Good luck :)


Hmm, its a Williams from the 1990s.  So...Brabham first?..doesn't ring a bell.

Williams, retired 1999, brainstorming, Mansell too soon, Couldhard retired later, Damon Hill retired early after the 1996 crown, Jaq Ville 97 crown then went embaressing, but did he retire from F1 that early?..Pretty sure Jaq stayed for money and to make us facepalm more when he crashed in the 2000s.

I seem to remember an American driving for Williams too in the 1990s, the age of generation shift in 1994 with Senna, Prost, Mansell(92toIndy), Berger iirc gone.  But there wasnt alot of key people that resigned in 1999.  Michael Andretti was gone before that.

Hakinen won the champ in 99 so he cannot have retired after that I think.  Pretty sure he was present when Schumi won number 1.

So its a Williams from well after 92(Blue/Yellow Camel stuff) and before 2001(Scumbaq).

It says number 5 on the hood, so it can't be Damon Hill from 1997, as he won 1996.  It can't be 1998 and Jaq cause then he would have number 1.

Damon Hill, guessing its a picture from 1996, as he crashed out in 1994 with Schumi to give Schumi number 1 and thus probably himself got 2 so would have number 2 or if Benetton had 1-2 then Willys should have at least 3-4 in 1995.  I dunno how he fared in 1995, but 5th sounds right as he was still there and won in 1996, when Schumi had that hopeless Ferrari and used 4 years to spank those Italian engineers into submission and give him a decent car *Oops, Italian forum, hides* xD

So guessing its Damon Hill and that the picture is from 1996.


I love how you brainstorm through the final guessing :D I, too, believe it's Damon Hill ;)

Good job Naura & Capa :D

Naura, aren't your fingers tired from typing all of that knowledge?! o_O 

Next one will be up soon :)

Can you tell I like F1 history? :) 

Picture 7:

HINT: His record of 32 poles was broken by Sebastian Vettel in 2011, and he started his F1 career as a test driver for Lotus.

(Courtesy of: JamJam195)

Note: Sorry for waiting so long to post ;D

Good luck :D


Nigel Mansel ?

dang! good guess ;D

congrats! I better start making these harder.

Next one will be up very soon :)


Grats Botini!

When you say Record, you just mean thats his number of poles right?..like going on record?

Cause I believe the pole record for ages was Senna with 65 till Schumi broke it after twice as many GPs as Senna, prooving how dominant a one-lap driver Senna was.


On completely unrelated records I recently discovered that current wonderboy Vettel, as impressive and dominant as he is, still only has 1 less win than Jackie Stewart did in his whole career, in one more race than Stewart did!

Again and again, hats off to that fantastic scot!

Picture 8:

HINT: After racing only 6 races and taking 1 podium finish, his F1 career only lasted 2 years. He was also an Olymian before he came to F1.

(Courtesy of: Jamjam195)

Good luck :D


This doesn't hang together really well.  I know of 1 Olympian whom this could fit to, but that picture doesnt couple with that driver and the info is slightly off.

The Olympian is Alfonso de Portago but he only did 5 races in F1 before he tragically died in Mille Miglia 1957 in the crash that ended the true, free, open motorsport forever, the stuff of legends.  His podium was mostly because he shared his 1956 British car with Peter Collins, the genius, that sadly died to early but like a man trying to headbutt a tree at 100 mph in Germany in 1958, and is the very gentleman drinking from the glass in my avatar picture.  They both classified as 2nd in that GP that of cause was won by Fangio or Moss, but Moss's car broke down so Fangio won.  Portago's Olympian story is from Bobsleigh in 1956.  Speedfreak extraordinairy!  I knew all this cause his death made him a legend as the last rich nobleman privateer.  Playboy, daredevil, absolutely no respect for fear or danger, pure man, pure life aficionado 100%.  Him and the last amateur noble, Carel were good friends and talked right before the 1957 MM where he told Carel he wouldnt crash.  After that race Carel drove carefully for the rest of his career 57-64.


However, the person on the photo, has it's name on the back on the helmet, Divina.  I had to look that one up, after trying in vain to figure it out.  It's a 1970's car, probably 1972-1974 and nothing, not even a lowkey 6-gp-washout rings a bell, but Divina gave a hit on Divina Galica, who drove only 3 races and failed to even qualify for one so no podiums ofc.  And she drove in 1976 and 1978.  I think mostly famous for being a woman, not being the first, Maria de Vilota or Pilota in 1958 and not the best and meritted her place like Leila Lombardi who I believe is still the only woman to score points in F1.  I still think the best female racing driver ever is Michelle Mouton but we should have more coming I hope, Danica is a good start but she has nothing on Mouton yet.

Then I saw that this picture is apparantly a 2009 photo of a reenactment thingy from Lime Rock, I thought the armco and forest to be the Ring in pre-1977 German GP.  So she is driving a car she never drove for real :)  She was a skier in the Winter Olympics.

Mix up of info and picture?

Didn't know there was a thing like British Formula 1?..okay.

Hmm alright.  They should've been less British and more polite to the rest of the world and called in Formula Libre and made it an anything goes league, but yeah alright, home shadow training talents, cheaters :)

F5000 and F Libre was great while it lasted*.  I miss having those ruleless cars, now they are restricted to rolling around with an old guy waving or being carefully restored and reved one minute a year.  Or sometimes used in hillclimbs which is why thats one of my favourite sports today.

*: South Africa still has some and my country calls its Special Saloon but exclude formula cars.

It would be great to see 1k+ hp cars have at it again, safety has caught up by far today so much that speed nearly isnt a factor in motorsport deaths anymore.  Earnhardt died at sub 100 mph, that blond girl hit a truck back lift at 10 mph and nearly chopped her head off while Lewis Hamilton hit a wall backwards at 170 mph and walked.  I set the limit at those vacuum cars where the G forces would make the drivers kill themselves internally after an hour in the car and suffer G-sickness, but then those races could be reduced to 3x15 minutes or 2x20 with a mandatory pitstop for tires.

Hehe, I like this one. It's pretty tricky :)

Whoops, Naura you are correct, I accidently put "he" instead of "she".

And also unfortunetly, I posted an incorrect picture, again -_-

Here is a real photo:

This should be more helpful.

Sorrrry ;D


No worries, though this picture would've made it worse, I could've sworn that was a 1973 Tyrell 002 but with a 1976+ style nose, which incidently my semi pro car has :)

Picture 9:

HINT: He took pole position in his debut race, but due to techincal fault, he didn't win. He won a total of 4 races in his debut season (tied with lewis hamilton in 2007).

(Courtesy of: JamJam195)

If you have a picture and hint of a driver (or just the driver name is fine, let me do the dirty work ;D) you would like to have on the thread, send me the info in a message and I will post it :D

There are rules if you decide to help:

1. You are ineligable to enter the answer for the photo (obviously ;D).

2. you cannot tell anyone who the driver is.

And thank you to Jamjam195 for sending me the last few pictures :)

Good luck!



This one is easy :D

This one baffles me tbh.  So the car is from 1996-2009, probably 2003-2009 but I have no idea what mark it is.

Nothing on hat or car to just tell me :)

First pole in first race.  Well thats pretty special and I was thinking Hamilton, other than he only ever drove luxury F1 cars in McLaren, not this two-bit piece of crap car, what ever it is :)  You also said tied with LH so its obviously not him, though technically one is tied with one self.

4 wins in first season?...Championship contender in first season.  It cant be Senna, dead before cars looked like this.  Schumi had that Jordan crap in 1991.  Dominant drivers...Vettel came in 2007 in some shit, not him, Alonso in that Schumi-2-first-looking-car, Raikonnen got a luxury ride to start with, but 4 wins?

Ok, so assuming its not his first car we see, it could be its a guy that came in hot and strong and then faded to this rolling wreck.  Champ contender, 95-2009...Schumi, Ville, Hill, Hakinnen, Coulthard(came in after Senna so could be competitive), Schumi,...:)...Schumi, Alonso, Hamilton, Rai, Vettel.  Its none of the 4 last one, I cannot remember Rai driving a car colored like this.  Alonso had Renault, Ferrari and well not that kinda car.  Its not Vettel or Hamilton.

So Ville, Hill, Coulthard, Hakkinnen.  Hill, didnt he drive Williams all his career?...gah its a tough one.

Couldhard can be excluded by combining these facts, 94, 3xSenna poles, then dead, then Schumi poles for 6 in 7 races I think, at least pretty sure he was uber dominant then got 2 race ban or was that 95?  No, cause if uber dominant whcih he was after Senna, then Hill had to catch him only if Schumi stood still by bans.  So I dont think Couldhard had a pole in first race, taking Sennas seat.

Ville came from look-at-me-Im-an-Indy-champ-and-will-bust-your-EU-F1-asses and got his ass handed to him.  He won in 1997 in a far better car than Schumi, but he didnt start in 1997 and 4 wins dont get a championship.  Cant even remember what he drove in first season but it was 95 or 96.  95 was all Schumi but landslide points, I refuse to believe he didnt get pole in Aus 1995.  96 was the Slowrari year and Hilly won it, so hmm, gawd.

Hmm, speaking of the US, Montoya?...maybe, fast as hell till it went wrong and drove BMW and Williams iirc.  He could have won four times and still lost big and pole in first, sure possible.

Haki...started 95 cause he debutted when Jan Magnussen did and trounced his ass in the Nordic battle, I remember that.  Means Schumi uber alles and no pole and Haki started in a crap car, no quarters given to non-English ppl and non-Indy ppl in F1.

K, so Hill himself.  Debut 93 or before that, probably before as he had his fathers legacy only to get in on, no merits prior to F1, none big anyway.  93 means a certain Prost and Senna, and 92 Mansell, was around and no fucking way did Hill ever beat those to a pole, and not in race 1.

So Montoya and Ville left.  And Ralf Schumi who drove some Toyota shit that couldve looked like that picture before they went white and red.  But Ralf never won 4 in a season, he won back2back at France and another track in some year and he did take poles but never alot.

Ville did drive crap cars after 97.  Montoya probably too before transfering to turn-left-next-corner-car *ducks* (no Nascar is great fun to watch but it just aint REALLY fast anymore, fuck restrictor plates! 1987 first half season ftw, up 210mph race avg lap and sponsored by ciggies, running leaded gas).

So where did Montoya start, he came over from Indyland and took all kinda shit and iirc dominated 1997.  Which fits that he started in 98-2000 in F1.  No way he beat those fab Mclarens Haki and Couldy drove in 98-99, I think I recall them taking all but 3-4 poles and the rest was Ferraris when Schumi showed em its not always car that wins.

So Ville?..in 1996?..assuming he did start in 96 and not 95, I could believe that he took a pole in the best car, Damons and Damon was no blistering Pole man.  Ville was fresh out of Indys lightning speed ovals so use to all-in, he could theoretically have done that and four wins?..was Schumi so bad in 96?..Assuming Schumi won 3-4 times, Ville 4 times and then Damon..7? times...probably, so it fits.

Carefully guess Jaques Villeneuve.  Cant get the other candidates to fit.

I confirm, from the Helmet and the car it's Jacques Villeneuve. That's 1998 Williams, after Renault's initial retirement from F1 (they were giving the engines to Williams), and has a very different pattern from the "classic" one. Also, there's the number 1 on the side of the car: Jacques won the Championship the year before!

Well spotted!  Dammit, that was...well, to tell you the truth, would never have guessed that was a Williams.  Always hated Ville(Jr that is) so didn't pay much attention to him after 1997.

But yeah a 1 would have triggered a search for a champion.  So Williams eh?...We need racing colors back :)

Dang Naura, I hope after you typed all that you went and put ice on your fingers :O

Good job guys ;D

Next one will be up soon :D


I didn't answer yet on purpose. I wanted to read Naura's train of thoughts :))

Haha :)

Didn't wanna just make this a one-man thing guys.  I do it to try not to google it and I like reading what other peoples thoughts in general :)

Have an "email penpal" from the US, who writes her thoughts in the same style and its almost a weekly fun-generator for us both to read.  She told me she was flat on the floor after I tried to predict the election of the presi back in October or when it was :)

I dont mind finding 10 pics of F1 drivers for Racer, if you want, but lets use up Jam's first.  Mine, if accepted might be slightly older and some will probably be weird :)


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