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Managing the gear ratio in Victory

In racing simulations setting the final or last gear’s ratio is not really a simple task, especially if the car has wings, it needs to re-adjust the final ratio when you modify aerodynamic load in the setup.

Victory set automatically the “ideal” ratio taking into account:

·         Engine’s Power

·         Drag of wings

·         Drag of body

·         Other minor parameters.

Equation to calculate the aerodynamic max velocity of a car: 

Where Vmax is expressed in m/s and power (Pot) in watt.

Dc is the total Drag Coefficient.

Other parameters can influence max Velocity in minor way:

·         Frictions

·         Slip of the tire (ALWAYS present)

·         Tire’s radius decreasing by aero load.

Once found the max aero velocity we need to consider that is almost impossible to reach the max speed in a closed track. Especially if the cars have a low power/drag ratio.

This is why we reduce at  90% of max aero speed to found right final ratio for gears.  This approach make the gears a bit lower in the longest straight of the game but usually this is fine for the larger part of tracks.


Victory car’s setup and gears ratio

Gear ratio in Victory considers the whole range of the car’s parameters.

Green gear ratio button: automatic. The system automatically calculates the max speed considering all car’s ratios.

Gear ratio button off: non-automatic. Drivers reducs or increase manually the final ratio using the sliders:




The best is to manage your Setup by your own.

Short Circuit = short gear for more acceleration.

Long Circuit = Long gear for Higher top speed on straight line.

If your gear are too long your car will be slower overall cause your engine won't have annough torque to accelerate.

If your Gear are too short you will have a fast acceleration but will reach the cutoff and will lose time.

I play with my gear every time we change map. :)

I wish some day we will have an advanced car setup option who will allow us to manage these gear ratio a little more. Just like Drag racing game (1st gear: 2900, 2nd gear: 2260, 3rd gear: 1630, 4th gear: 1095, 5th gear: 0.774, Final Drive: 2.500).

Si vous avez des question, vous pouvez me contacté par messagerie privé!

Big dream for me configure all gears manualy.

hei rama, you can change the (W/Dc)^1/3 with (Wtarmac*Attr/Dc)^1/2

so the difference is: Power/Dc dont consider the gear negative power, and Power Tarmac consider, the power on the tarmac of the car, so, power reduced by gear, and grip... and square for have more than ^1/3

Cerchiamo Players!

You can't change physyc rules! :-)

The above formula is not made for Victory is a real formula to find Vmax.

Isn't  a dedicate model for victory. It's a  equation that compare Drag power vs car power.

I don't undesrtand your concept of negative power.

Power = Force * Vel 

Drag Power = Dc * V^2 * V = Dc * V^3

Car Power = Pot 

Equal and extract V.  V^3 = Pot/Dc --> my formula.

It's a real max aero speed possible for car. Tested on real cars also.



Note. the power can't be reduced by gear, you are talking about torque.

Luca Garattoni

Producer @VaeVictis

TW: @GarattoniLuca

4 Rookie cars, BRAHN Engine
the same problems with the fourth and fifth gear in an automatic gearbox, on long routes with settings for top speed, on 130-140 km / h you driving  in long turn like 1st left in Ark One Green, on the 5th gear( you have low rpm, but gearbox dont shift down automaticly), and because of this acceleration suffering .
on short tracks where it is important te car acceleration, happens that in turn several times to gearbox switched to third gear then back to the second and again on the third

Automatic gear box settings no matter what will affect lap times..If you do the shifting you control when it shifts up or down or if it holds a gear..being able to hold a gear is important, especially during long sweeping curves...an upshift in the middle of that curve can mean the difference between a win, and eating the wall for breakfast..



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