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60 Seconds till disqualify

<p>this is a problem i&#39;ve found for me while racing last night. On my screen I was right up there with the leaders and i was moving, but on their screens i wasn&#39;t moving at all, and I kept getting disqualified after 60 seconds, 3 times it worked, but the rest of the times i kept getting disqualified, i never get this problem doing hotlaps though.</p>

This is a known bugs we're working on serverside, just ognore it, we'll fix it soon™ ;)

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
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<p>thx, ive found a way to not get disqualified, but ppl still see me not moving though, everytime it says 60 seconds, i press ESC then press it again, it keeps it on 60 seconds all the time. Also= my computer gets MAJOR lag vision when in a race server of 4 or more.</p>

About the connection problems, it's a "common bug", meaning that some people reported it, and they are working on it right now by changing and improving the netcode. As for the visual lag, that's an optimization issue of the graphic engine, as it's the latest improvement to do on a game before the release. I know that in Hot Lap it runs a lot better, but still you have to lower the details (as I did) to race without major visual lag on 4+ people servers. Don't worry, Victory looks nice even with low details! It's just a workaround until we get to the graphic optimization.

<p>I find that if it starts to go laggy I have to exit the game and rejoin and about 5 minutes, that usually sorts it for atleast 1 to 2 hours. Thanks for your help.</p>

Yep, that solves some performance issues if the game begins to be laggy; considering the solution, this is due to the fact that we're still in beta and the graphic engine has to be optimized yet. Until that time, this is a good workaround! :D

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