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Email from Victory Age of racing

I got an email through today.

I couldnt remember why I got this email from VAOR.

Then I remember,I once tried to downloasd the game from your servers to try it out.

Im on an 80mb download fibre oiptic connection and yet your download server is giving me 17 kbps and telling me its going to take 7 hours to download your game.


That was why I never got to try out your game in the first place and also it must be why many hundreds of other people must be like me...cant be bothered.

You seriously kidding me that I should take 7 hours to download a piddly 400 mb file>>Come on do something and fix your really poor servers.

Just thought Id let you know,you lost another potential paying customer.

I'm on dsl/cable 10MB it take less then 30 minutes to download the game i think you should check your optic fibre befor posting.

Agree. I was reinstall my game one week ago, and download it for some 20 min. I use DSL of 6 mb/s.

 Okay i had this game before and i uninstalled it because my computer was too slow and now my computer is faster but when i try to reinstall the game it wont let me.  What can I do? 

usk esrb_rp

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