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Login error


Hi , since this afternoon I am getting this message when trying loggin in the game , please help , i can't play


Hey Bortes, 

sorry for the delay on the answer.

We noticed you could log in yesterday evening/night, could you please confirm me your issue has been solved?


Alessandra Pollini - QA

Thanks Alexa, I have never seen that message, but in recent days it takes me a lot in loggin, and sometimes when I leave the hotlap, the game crashes , at other times, the game can not boot, remains indefinitely in the loggin screen . Yesterday, I spent the whole day so.

Hmm, when you experience that again, send the numen.log to the Support, please: let's see if we can find anything there.


Alessandra Pollini - QA

ok , thx Alexa

I think I get the same long login.  In the numen.log it spends a lot of time doing nothing after the login

21:24:43: Login response: 287 cagey
21:24:43: Connectig...
21:24:46: Connected
21:25:30: [CAR car] Loading rookie class

During that time in the gui.log, it looks like its retrying every 10 seconds to do something

21:24:40: _level0.anchored.login onLogin: cagey
21:24:48: _level0.anchoredAlert.eventsPush executeCallback
21:24:58: _level0.anchoredAlert.eventsPush executeCallback
21:25:08: _level0.anchoredAlert.eventsPush executeCallback
21:25:18: _level0.anchoredAlert.eventsPush executeCallback
21:25:28: _level0.anchoredAlert.eventsPush executeCallback
21:25:30: _level0.bar.topBar setInfo -----------------> RP: 228936, XP: 461676, SV: 51430, N Levels (current 60): 2 - visible: false

usk esrb_rp

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