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Patch download problems

Hi, Patch 10 is automatcially installing, but never reaches the end? The launch.exe is causing a Runtime error, and when this is closed the Victory login page launches, but does not recognise the username or password.

Is anyone experiencing this?

It's possible there was something wrong with your installation. Try unistalling Victory, run a registry cleansing using CCleaner (http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download), then download the new installer from here http://victorythegame.com/download.

Let us know if you manage to succesfully start Victory.



Thanks for the advice - will keep you posted.

Hi There, Everything worked okay on my W7 laptop, but my Vista PC now hates Victory! I've deleted all references and directories, but the new version installer insists the older version is still there?! Looks like I'll be using the laptop then.

Did you clean your registry on Vista as well? That could be the reason why it's still been detected as installed.

I thought I had, but can you confirm its location so I can check I've done it!?

There is no directory to delete. Just launch CClenear and select Registry -> Scan for Issues. Than fix what it finds.

At last - it worked after the 3rd ccleaner run. Thanks

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