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Server error at the end of every lap

After click "OK", the car camos up, but the wall at the first turn is in front of you... ;)

This issue happen NOT every time...

Sometimes also I have the knowed "60 sec. then disqualify" and when I use AVIRA ANTIVIRUS free, I can't join the race with everyone...


Thank so much.

I have the same "60 seconds to disqualify" error and I'm really disqualified as I was in idle, so I can't race too... Alexa wrote to me it's an old bug not related to antivurus or firewall and I hope they corrected it in the new version.

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Faz1973, have you resolved your "60 seconds to disqualify" problem? How could I resolve mine? I still have it.

Piero Peluche Looperman's free music page:


Or better, I suspende racing cause of lag when I create a race where comes up more then 3 players. impossible to race.

Also 60 sec, system crush, game freeze...

I restart after 10 days yesterday and 60 sec desapeare (not happen), but after every race, after point counter, my system Windows XP crush, I must restart PC.


Please, please, please, Vae Victis resolve this issues...

Hello Faz1973,

the next time your game crashes, save the numen and client logs and sent them to the Support, please. http://victorythegame.com/support/technical-support


Alessandra Pollini - QA

Thank you.


I did it y. I hope it's arrived.

I love this game, but it's impossible to play. From 20 level I played hotlaps to have the 21 level...

usk esrb_rp

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